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Central Technical Supplies (CTS) wants to invite you to live Equine Thermography demonstrations at the Namibia Tourism Expo.
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INVITATION TO THE WINDHOEK SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY - The occurrence of African horse sickness in the arid south-western Khomas Region, Namibia

Versatility Ranch Horse Reining and Show Course 20 – 25 August 2013  Click Here for Details

Our goal: The Versatility Ranch Horse

Versatility Ranch Horse is one of the fastest growing segments of Western Riding
competitions in the world. Why? Becaues it’s FUN!

Zweck der Versatility Ranch Horse Klasse ist es, die Leistung und Vielseitigkeit des
Pferdes als Partner dazustellen.

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Everyone asks, "How can someone do that to those horses?" 
I ask, "How could nobody have noticed earlier?"

Please note the photos may be disturbing to see. Photo 1   Photo2   Photo 3   Photo 4  Photo 5  Photo 6

On seeing 6 horses crammed into a small trailer, lying all over each other on their sides, legs sticking out between the trailer's bars, I wondered how it was possible that these horses had been transported all the way from Karasburg to Okahandja and nobody had noticed their plight?

Surely on that long road, someone, somewhere, would have seen them or are people so ignorant that they do not know that blood all over the bars and six horses lying on their sides with one standing on top of them, is not okay?

A person can only be absolutely astounded at the fact that the owner of the horses thought it wasn't a big problem.  He stopped at the Reit Club Okahandja to unload them and then re-load them, so that they would all be standing upright again!  Thank goodness he did stop, because here two people saw them and contacted the authorities. 

The horses had to be pulled off the trailer, except the one standing on the others, none could get up and walk immediately, they had been lying down a long time and the blood flow to their legs had been compromised.  They were exhausted and didn’t even fight back.  The mare at the back of the trailer was in such a bad state, that it took half an hour and 4 men to get her up and then they still had to hold her to keep her stable.

Another shock awaited us in the back of the bakkie under the canopy.  This same seriously injured mare had a foal.  The one month old colt had been tied up and placed, lying down, in the back of the bakkie. 
His little fetlocks were swollen, but he jumped up as soon as he was free and walked over to his mommy.
She was still lying down, he whinnied and bumped her face and neck with his little nose, she just lay there.  Once she was helped up he tried to suckle, but she didn't have much milk for him and she had obviously been stepped on, just behind her udder she had a large swelling.  Even though she was bruised and in terrible pain she let him drink.

The horses were placed in a large paddock and immediately given grass and water.  The Windhoek SPCA and their Vet were called in to assist the horses. The police opened a docket and the man was arrested.

Currently the horses are being kept at the Reit Club Okahandja, until they are well enough to be transported to a farm near Windhoek where the SPCA can keep an eye on them.

All we can do to apologize for being such lousy humans is to give them a better life in the future.

The scene brought to mind the saying of a wise man:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

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African Horse Sickness Outbreak in SA
At Namibianhorse we would like to keep a record of AHS cases in
Namibia, if you know of any, please send us the info and we will add it to our
new page AHSNamibia. Thank you

The SA Saddle Horse Association have started a Breed Promotion Committee tasked to market the Saddle horse to other disciplines. They want to start focusing, as the Americans do, to get Saddle horses into dressage, jumping, endurance, etc. There is a brochure they have compiled about saddle horses doing other disciplines (see clicks below). If anyone has pictures or information of saddler's doing other disciplines they would appreciated it if you would let them know about it, so that they can follow these saddlers and give them some media attention and promotion.
Contact: JP vd Merwe / Cell 0027 82 335 0417 -- 0027 82 335 0417  / Office 0027 18 771 4815  0027 18 771 4815 /
Fax 0027 86 695 3122
Email jpvdm@jpcs.co.za

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The African Horse Sickness Trust

Reg IT 2043/2005 PMB


Regards Douglas Welsh