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Wanted- 2 Trail Horses

I am looking for 2 good healthy trail horses - anything above 15hh, any breed, mare or gelding, under 15years old, established walk/trot/canter so long as they are:
One that is safe for a more inexperienced/beginner rider, not too forward or spooky. Lazy is fine.
One that is for a more experienced rider but still calm and not spooky on the trails. Forward moving not a problem. Some jumping experience is a plus.
Bonuses if they have good feet (barefoot) and keep well. To a good loving home on a farm, mainly for pleasure riding and trail rides.
Elizabeth Mills
E-mail: libby-jay@hotmail.com

Looking for 2 horses for 10-year old beginner girls.

Horses will be loved and roam free on a Hochfeld farm.
If tack including all-purpose saddles are for sale, please let me know too.
Romy Noeske
Cell/Whatsapp 0812604826


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Adverts on these pages are FREE OF CHARGE.

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