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Details of Goods Wanted Contact Details
I am looking for a second hand vaulting girth.

Elvira Pitout
E-mail: elvira@evp-namibia.com.

Looking for a leisure horse to lease for about two days a week for the next two months initially in Windhoek area.

I used to ride American Saddlebreds, however I rode last 6 years ago, so nothing too hyper.
Town: Windhoek
Cell: 0818022539
E-mail: biancaerasmus7601@gmail.com

Looking for a second hand horse box to buy or to rent

E-mail: namcattle@gmail.com
Cell: +264811443633

Looking for Arab horse breeders in Namibia. Vezenga Kauraisa
E-mail: vkauraisa@nbc.na
Tel:+264(0)61 2913139


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Adverts on these pages are FREE OF CHARGE.


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